Task definiton:

A change in consumer behavior to customers preferring ‘just-in-time’ supply means the retail market has increasingly transferred its inventory risk to the manufacturing and wholesale market. Manufacturers and wholesalers are now faced with providing smaller quantities within shorter time periods, and at a fair cost. The planning and management of the orders, stock flow, and other operations must therefore be comprehensive, transparent, and correctly processed.


The solution: LOGI-Soft® trading

  • Developed based on the specific requirements of the wholesaler
  • Specifically for industries with the product structures: styles, colours and sizes
  • Supports wholesalers in all business activities from the sales planning and order handling to customer deliver
  • Improves day-to-day business operations, resulting in more time for strategic planning

Integrated modules:

sales.agent (Online order collection)
webshop.b2b (Webshop for specialist trade) (Webshop for wearers)
web.crm (Customer review)