Project management

The project management consists each of a project manager of the customer and of is Integrated Systems. Overall responsibility for defining the project plan and meeting deadlines, costs and functional requirements rests with the project management.

It has the task of ensuring the successful completion of the project, taking into account the following key milestones:

  • definition of the scope of services
  • creation of a specification for necessary additional modifications
  • timely provision of modules in accordance with the project plan
  • safe use of the processes at the workstations
  • compliance with the cost plan
Project Management

If deviations occur, the project management is required to search mutually for solutions and to bring about coordination with all parties involved.

Project plan

The project plan is the central control center for the execution of all tasks required for the introduction of LOGI-Soft®. It lists all necessary activities to ensure the successful system implementation and the use of the defined business processes by the respective user.

Scheduling as well as content coordination and adjustments are carried out by the project management team.

Project implementation

The technical requirements for the optimal system configuration are checked at the customer’s company. This is followed by a workshop with the specialist department to record the requirements in the business processes that are to be implemented in the business solutions. Based on this, a completely installed and set-up simulation database is provided.

Knowledge transfer

The handling of the program functions as well as the knowledge about the scope of services, tasks, requirements, functionality, benefits and optimization are imparted to the users in intensive training courses. In the process, the user has the opportunity to test what he has learned live in practical use on the simulation system.

Productive use

After checking further technical aspects, client/server operation is prepared at the customer’s site and the communication link to is Integrated Systems is set up. After further extensive tests, the configured system is put into operation and released for productive use.