Task definition: 

Market demands are changing constantly, meaning suppliers today must be able to adapt to these changes efficiently and economically. Creativity, innovation, models, and colors define the diversity of the collections.
Furthermore, technological, functional, and safety requests from customers have resulted in new requirements such as:

• Higher productivity levels and smaller series
• Ability to adapt to ever-changing customer demands
• Availability of all materials required for production
• Provision of other necessary resources
• Synchronization of production processes
• Ability to process large quantities of data
• Availability of all current deadlines over web applications
•  In-time and quantity-related delivery


The solution: LOGI-Soft® global production

For the flexible and efficient management of procurement processes for the purchase of materials and production at distributed locations,
is Integrated Systems AG provides a combined complete solution.

Integrated modules:

– sales.agent (Online order collection)
– webshop.b2b (Webshop for specialist trade) (Webshop for wearers)
web.crm (Customer review)