webshop.ci is a web-based shop system, designed in cooperation with our customers:

  • developed for users with a specific requirement profile for handling order processes
  • especially for manufacturers with individual clothing concepts such as occupational safety, workwear, business or functional clothing

The manufacturer provides the project customer with his own web shop and design. In this way, the project customer’s corporate identity (CI) can be mapped.
The wearer (e.g. employee of the project customer) orders models assigned to his function group directly from the manufacturer.

The customer can choose whether to acquire an integrated solution with LOGI-Soft ® or an ERP system independent webshop solution.


Integrated solution with LOGI-Soft ®

ERP system independent webshop solution

  • Display styles depending on the function group the wearer is assigned to

  • Back-office functions for administration staff such as processing orders and order analysis

  • Manage budgets for individual wearers

  • Order confirmation received via email as PDF

  • Real-time data and stock information for all users

  • Bilingual: English and German