Product Development

We ensure our products remain current through regular product updates. Because the market is constantly changing, the features of our products must be constantly streamlined to guarantee their relevancy and usability. These updates are provided within the software with full instructions and information.

Use of new technologies

Technical progress is developing rapidly, especially in the IT sector. To ensure that our industry solutions always remain at the cutting edge of technology, our employees continuously take part in seminars and professional education programs.

New functions in existing solutions

Our business solutions are constantly adapted to the requirements of the market resp. our customers functionally. These further developments are made available to our customers in the form of regular updates.

New software solutions

The intensive exchange of knowledge with our customers and the close observation of the market lead to new software products that complement the existing solutions or cover new areas.
Our customers therefore have the security of always receiving the most modern and comprehensive functionality for the fashion sector with the business solutions from is Integrated Systems.